Germitrol 12C

    All cars and even ideal for ambulances where there is a need to keep the air quality good / ie. less amount of airborne germs where patients / accident victims may have open wounds and cross infection might set in to complicate injuries.


    Small and compact, can be fitted in most cars. Fitted with an Activated Carbon Filter at the rear and can be easily replaced by removing two screws. Blue light indicator to show that the UVC System is working.

    Technical Specifications
    Dimensions 228 x 177 x 70 mm
    Weight Approx 1 kg
    Input Voltage 12V DC
    Power Consumption Max 20 watts
    Heat Deflection Temp 76 ÂșC
    Filter Type Activated Carbon Filter
    Area Coverage About 2 cu m. (Standard Car Space Capacity)
    Installation Easy to install. Plug & cord provided. Velcro & sticker to stick onto dash boards
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