5 Types Of Air Purifiers To Consider For A Cleaner Space

Air quality, whether indoors or outdoors, has become a significant concern in our contemporary world. Urbanization and escalating pollution levels have compromised the purity of the air we breathe. This shift has led to various health challenges, from respiratory issues to allergies. As a substantial part of our lives is spent indoors, whether at home, work, or other enclosed spaces, ensuring the cleanliness of this air is important. Air purifiers have emerged as a solution for combating indoor pollutants and allergens. Specifically, air purifier that kills germs and purify the air come in diverse types, each tailored to address specific concerns.

The Importance of Air Purifiers

Indoor Air Pollutants: Every breath taken indoors contains microscopic particles, ranging from dust mites and pollen to more harmful pollutants like smoke and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These sources can range from pets to concerning factors such as mould growth or chemical off-gassing from household products.

The Health Implications: Prolonged exposure to these pollutants and inadequate surface disinfection can lead to various health issues, including allergies, respiratory problems, and potentially long-term health conditions. Hence, the significance of air purifiers cannot be overstated.

5 Air Purifiers to Consider

UV (Ultraviolet) Light Purifiers: GERMITROL’s Specialty

Description: UV light purifiers, a hallmark of GERMITROL’s innovative approach, use UV rays to neutralise airborne pathogens by emitting a specific wavelength of UV light that disrupts microorganisms’ DNA, rendering them harmless. This results in breathable air devoid of harmful bacteria and fungi.

Best Suited For: Homes, clinics, and offices with heightened concerns about airborne pathogens, especially in environments where individuals are more susceptible to illnesses.

Benefits: Reduced risk of airborne diseases and maintenance of a healthier indoor environment.

Building Air-Con Solutions: GERMITROL 200

Description: The GERMITROL 200 stands out as a pioneering solution in building air conditioning systems. Unlike conventional air purifiers, this device subjects airborne micro-organisms to intense UV light in a sterilising chamber, effectively neutralising harmful pathogens like bacteria and viruses.

Best Suited For: Large office spaces, clinics, and commercial buildings with central air conditioning systems where maintaining pristine air quality is crucial.

Benefits: Comprehensive air purification targeting large and microscopic pollutants, enhancing overall indoor air quality, and ensuring a safer environment for occupants.

Ceiling and Wall Sterilizers

Description: GERMITROL’s ceiling and wall sterilizers are designed to be unobtrusive while providing maximum air purification efficiency. These devices, mounted on the ceiling or wall, draw in air and subject it to a rigorous purification process, ensuring that the returned air is clean and fresh.

Best Suited For: Large office spaces, clinics, and commercial buildings with central air conditioning systems where maintaining pristine air quality is crucial.

Benefits: Space-saving design, effective in large areas, ensuring uniform air purification, and reducing airborne pathogens for a healthier environment.

Portable UV Air Purifiers: GERMITROL 300

Description: Understanding the need for mobility, GERMITROL introduced the 300 series – a portable UV air purifier equipped with wheels for easy movement across rooms, ensuring every corner benefits from purified air. Additionally, its design ensures the removal of bad odours, enhancing the overall ambience.

Best Suited For: Residential homes, small offices, or spaces requiring flexible air purification solutions, particularly during renovations or redecorations.

Benefits: Flexibility in moving the purifier across rooms, effective odour removal, and assurance of GERMITROL’s patented UV technology in a mobile design.

Floor Standing Sterilizers: GERMITROL 520

Description: For spaces demanding stronger air purification, the GERMITROL 520 serves as the perfect solution. This floor-standing sterilizer boasts a large capacity, ensuring even vast spaces benefit from purified air. Its advanced design effectively neutralises harmful elements in the air.

Best Suited For: Large commercial spaces, auditoriums, conference halls, or expansive areas requiring consistent and effective air purification.

Benefits: Capability to handle larger volumes of air, ensuring comprehensive purification, standalone design requiring minimal installation efforts, and consistent performance for long-term air quality maintenance.


Air purifiers that kill germs have become indispensable for healthier living spaces. Despite the variety of options available, understanding the different types and their functionalities ensures your chosen purifier aligns perfectly with your needs. As you explore our website further, you’ll find a wealth of information guiding you on this journey. Remember, the air you breathe plays a crucial role in your well-being. Choose wisely to ensure you have the air purifier that suits your needs.